Due to the amount of questions I get, which seem to be the same ones over and over, I've accumulated a little F.A.Q.

Q. Are you Andy MacDonald the world famous skateboarder?

A. No, I'm Andy MacDonald, the world famous flying wing page author, and I'm better looking. You want AndyMacDonald.com

Q. Can I make this out of fibreglass/balsa/foam/tissue/chickenwire/lego instead?

A. Sure, but don't expect it to perform like the original design.

Q. Where can I get the plans for these aircraft?

A. If they have a link on the bottom of the page, that's where the plans are. If not, I don't know where.

Q. Can you send me the airfoils used on the ZAGI, or tell me what they are?

A. No, to both.

Q. Where can I find information on the Horton Flying Wings or get a Horton kit or plans?

A. I don't know, but click this link, and you'll find something eventually

Q. Can you send me one of these aircraft?

A. I'm not that much of a philanthropist!

Q. Can you add my link to your site?

A. If it deals with model flying wings, certainly. If  I deem it doesn't directly deal with model flying wings, no.

Q. Can you design a flying wing for me?

A. No, because if it doesn't work, I'll get the blame for it, regardless of your building or flying skills....

Q. Will you answer any other questions I have?

A. Quite possibly, but due to the ever increasing intelligence of the address gathering robots, my email address is contained in the picture below. Clicking on it will achieve nothing. Sorry, but you'll have to type the contents into your email program. Spammers should all die horribly painful deaths.