Flying Wing Links

Updated May 28th 2004

The most educational flying wing based stuff you're likely to read is available as Bill and Bunny Kuhlmans's Columns for  RC Soaring Digest.
They are available at

The home of Reinhard Sielemann ( Co conspirator with H-J Unverferth) (The Wing Is The Thing)

Daniel Vandewalle's excellent page of wings and things (with some of my pages in French!)

The full size Horten IV performance analysis

Here are some of Allan Morse's models at the TWITT site

Willy's flying wing now has a permanent site of it's own.

The full size SWIFT flying wing

The Paoli flying wing

Norcal Slope Soaring

Bsquared's site of related info

Martin Hepperle's web site

and his modelling one!

The Nurflugel Page

Trick R/C

Jim Marske's Flying wings

The Poisinger Wing (in German)

Have a look at

The Facetmobile home page

If you know of any more, please let me know!