So You Wanna BUY a Wing?

Updated 28th May 2005

Currently there are only a few flying wings available for sale. The most well known in America would be the Klingberg Wing 2m and the KW 100, possibly one of the nicest looking wings in my opinion.
Rol Klingberg made a few different wings and his contribution to the availability is sadly missed as unfortunately these are now out of production. It may still be possible to find some on the shelves of some of the hobby stores around America.

Hey! you can still build a Klingberg Wing or a Klingberg Sport Wing (.20 size power). You can order a construction set (plans, photo inst, peel and stick templates) for either plane.

The cost is $15 plus $4.00 S&H for US delivery. Overseas should add postage cost for 8 oz.
Checks or money orders only to:
Rol Klingberg
10610 Tuggle Pl.
Cupertino, CA

There is a link to modifying the twist distribution on the Klingberg wing to a more hortonish lift distribution HERE

Also sadly discontinued is Multiplex's Cortina. You may still be able to find some of these around.
Robbe has also discontinued a wing called Vampir and a little sloper called Geier. What a pity. The Vampir was a radical looking beast

The Spin Off is available in two versions, a fun fly version in Glass and a Competition Version made with Carbon. They also have a hlg version and a 2 meter
Christian Behrens
Geysostrasse 13
38106 Braunschweig
531 332526
or email him

Of course, The Zagi and the Razor slope planes are available from


If you are in Australia and you want a fine TRICK R/C flying wing then go to


It's cheaper than ordering from the states once you factor in costs. Trust me!
If of course you would like to try an Aussie beast then


has the Taipan and the new Taipan 2.
I may be a bit biased but MODEL FLIGHT is my favorite model store in Australia.
Delta Concepts has some wings in production and some under way. Currently you can buy the ASSASSIN at 1.2 metre span. Cost is (Aus)79.95 plus postage. These are gaining popularity in South Australia. Drop Kevin a line for more info and Check out the Wing picture page for some photos

WINGWARRIOR have some neat wings available and a nice site too.

COMBAT WINGS have more wings that may suit your fancy too...

DEMONWING  in England have some nice looking models too

Dymond Modelsports have a gadget called the BLITZ

VECTOR FLYING WINGS in Australia have a flying wing kit.

MEGA MANTA have a HUGE 6 foot flying wing, and a smaller one..

Kipper Airkraft have a neat looking electrified wing called a SPLAT. It's apparently an indoor/outdoor model.

Would you like to get yourself a


Well point your browser to

Bash Enterprises

Jamara Models have their flying wing model called the


Dave's Aircraft Works are no longer making the Me163, but it and his other designs are being made by

If you have heard of the Rubber Duck, sadly no longer produced, then check out the Geek from

The Birdworks,

They also make a really neat looking straight wing sloper called the Zipper which uses an EH section.

They have a heap of flying wing models to choose from. Check out the CHIP!!!

Frank Cavazos of Riverside Ca is producing a combat wing of blue foam and epp called the


It does look rather nice and has some combat success.
Email Frank or call 909 351-0315.

Have a look at the Avro-Vulcan and the REALLY NEAT EPP FOAM THERMAL WING from


Also have a look at the Noseeum!!!!!!


has a couple of wild looking forward swept wings: TOUCAN and TOUCAN 60
There is a two meter flying wing called the Thing which is made in England by Soar Ahead Sailplanes or SAS. It has a couple of smaller siblings also available. You can probably find them at
Soar Ahead Sailplanes
'Chantry House'
Church Street
West Sussex
ph: (0273)494140

If you know of any more flying wing kits available, please let me know. This list is far from complete.....

E-mail Andy MacDonald