Information, Once again from Vaughn Entwistle

Ken Bates' 2 Meter Flying Wing

Anyone interested in RC flying wings is bound to come across the name of Ken Bates at some time or another. A Michigan native, Ken was one of the main flying wing pioneers through the seventies and eighties. For some fascinating accounts of his adventures with flying wing design, check out the Soartech books available from Herk Stokely.

These pictures are of a two meter flying wing that Ken Bates flew at the Michigan State meet back in Ď90 or Ď91. I discussed the design with Ken at the time, but my recollections of the precise details are pretty hazy by this time. I believe this wing used an E205 at the root and either a reflexed E205, or an inverted E205 at the tip. I know it had washout, but Iím no longer sure how much.

As one can see from the photos, Kenís workmanship is quite exquisite. The wing had two hefty spars that were diagonally braced against each other to prevent flex and twist in the wing.

I seem to remember that Ken won the two meter competition at Lansing the week previous with this wing. He didnít win at the Michigan State meet but I think he placed pretty high (second or third.) Ken, if you happen to read this, maybe you can supply some more accurate information.

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