What your Mother never told you about Thermal Soaring*

*Some of these are TRUE, some just seem so!

If you practiced and lost, you lost to someone who practiced more.

No matter where you are, the best thermals are in the sun.*

If there is one solid object in a square mile of open land, your model will hit that object.*

How many folks that share your frequency is inversely proportional to how far from home you are.

It's not a really big crash unless you get dirt on your transmitter.

Instructor's Notes:-

1. If you push the stick forward, the aircraft will go down.
2. If you pull the stick back, the aircraft will go down.

The wind will swing at least 60 degrees as soon as you finish hammering in the last peg on the winch.*

If you wait to launch into the wind, you will be launching into sink.

The length of the last flight of the day will just barely exceed your battery power.*

The best launch you ever got will be the one where you had your transmitter turned off.*

You can always move the C.G. further back on a glider that is intact.

Nothing makes a plane fly better than giving/selling it to your closest rival.*

That large soaring bird you have been admiring is going to eat/make love to/ trash your glider.*

The further you have to drive to the slope, the more chance the wind will drop.*

Competition experience happens just after you need it.

Never trust Joe Wurts to be in lift if he is circling.

Acetone will desolve the Superglue in those little micro tips if you soak them in it for long enough.

When designing gliders:- If it looks right, it probably is.

The chances of you achieving the best flight/landing/speed run are inversely proportional to someone else being there to see it.*

No matter what they are flying, the same guys always seem to fly well. Become one of those guys.

Nothing generates better thermals then the guys arguing about the best airfoils.*

Keep your first plane rudimentary. It probably going to die. (The prettier it is, the more pieces it smashes into.)*

Take offs are optional, landings are manditory.

The crash always occurs at the end of the last flight of the day.

There are 3 things that keep a plane in the air. One is altitude, one is airspeed and the other is ideas. If you run out of all three, it's called a crash.

He who launches highest, wins.*

SLOPE stands for:- Smashed,Lost,Obliterated, or Pulverised Eventually.*

Most cases of alledged radio failures can be traced to a loose nut on the end of the stick!

Flying is the second most exhilarating thing you will ever do
Landing is the first!

Don't laugh at some guy's ratty old airplane. It will probably outfly your brand new pretty one!

If you build a new model every week, you will learn a lot about how to lose gracefully!

Everything is lost until it is back in your hand

A tree is always higher than the combined length of all the recovery rods youcarry in the car.

A tree is always higher than the highest possible trajectory that your bowand arrow/line equipment can project.

The tree that your plane flies into is always higher than the glide path tothe landing spot.

The tree that your plane flies into is always directly in line with the glidepath to the landing spot

If the tree that your plane flies into is not in line with the glide path to the landing spot the wind will change direction so that it is.


The last word is from Mark E. Johnson

If you don't want to crash it, don't build it.

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