A Foam Slope Soarer

Another submission from Bill Swingle is the Pinky, a pink foam slope wing designed by Charlie MacMurray who is well known at the BANOS BASH
Colin Ratcliff with the Pinky
Here are the Basic Details:-
Span 40"
Root Chord 9.25"
Tip Chord 5.75"
Tips swept rearward 8.2"
Core cut from pink foam.
EPP Leading Edge: 3" thick at Root, 2" thick at Tip.
Airfoil: Eh3012
No twist.
Elevons begin 2" from the root and extend to the tips such that there's 4" of space between the two.
Elevons are 1" wide at the inboard ends and 2" wide at the tips.
Tiplets are triangularly shaped and begin at the LE. They are 5.75" long (i.e. the length of the tip chord) and 4" tall at the TE.
CG is located 5 7/8" from the nose. 6" is more lively but not as enjoyable.
Weight is 12.5 oz.
Area is 374" including the elevons.
Wing loading is 4.8.oz/sq ft

Here is Bill with his DAVE'S AIRCRAFT WORKS, Me-163B Komet for comparison.

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