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On the Wing 2

On the 'Wing... the book, Volume 2
"On the 'Wing... the book, Volume 2 complete in one PDF file (9.9 MB).


Larry Renger's Foamme Fatale

Wing Blades; a construction project

Proposed LSF Tailless Program


Larry Renger's Toucan

Hartmut Siegmann's HS 3,0/9,0 and HS 3,4/12,0

Ferdi Gale's X-141 Ubara and Conclusions

Martin Hepperle's MH sections for Tailless Aircraft

Rudder Differential Revisited

The Fauvel AV 36

Jim Marske's Pioneer II-D

Herman Zahlmann's Horten XV mod

Jef Raskin's Max Plank

Akaflieg Braunschweig's SB13 Arcus, an update

Kelly McComb's Spar System

Steve Morris and the S.W.I.F.T.

Winglets vs. a Single Central Fin

Slots for Swept 'Wings

A Novel Control System Mechanism

Four Basic Concepts

Alan Schwerin's Essence

Kelly McCombs' Kevlar hinge

Alfons Rieger's "Nurflugelprofils"

A Graphical Method of Determining the Neutral Point and Center of Gravity

Herman Zahlmann's Horten XV mod. W

"Six Flap" Control Systems

Modifying the Quality Fiberglass Javelin

Dr. Martin Lichte's EMX 07 and EMX 14

The Newest Stealth Fighter; a candidate for P.S.S.?

"The Middle Effect"

The EH 0.0/9.0

A-12 Avenger/Dorito, yet another candidate for P.S.S.?

1/4 Scale Pioneer II-D at 60 Acres

Joined 1, a super fast wing and some thoughts on airfoil thickness

A Possible Solution to Adverse Yaw in Plank Planforms

A Possible Solution to Tip Stalling in Swept Wings


Sections with Near Zero Pitching Moments - Good Choices for Plank Planforms?

Hans-Jurgen Unverferth's CO 7 V4

CO 7 V4 Sections: the RS Series

Hans-Jurgen Unverferth's Joined II

Achieving the Potential of Tailless Planforms

A Review of the ZAGI, a competitor for slope combat

Those EH Sections Again!

A Comparison of Two Tailless RC-HLGs

The Messerschmitt Me P.1111 for P.S.S.

The X-36 Backgrounder Tailless Research Aircraft

Akaflieg Berlin B-11

Dennis Weatherly's JackWabbit

Jim Keller's Zephyrus

Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit

Updates! to previous columns

Group Genesis' Genesis 1 and Genesis 2

Christian Behrens and Christian Tollmien's Spin Off

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