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On the 'Wing... the book (Volume 1)
"On the 'Wing... the book (Volume 1) complete in one PDF file (13.7 MB).


On the 'Wing (Volume 1) contents:

Title pages, Dedication, Preface, and Contents pages.

First Column
An introduction to B2 and "On the 'Wing..."

The story of the first Blackbird XC.

Pioneer II-D
Our 1/4 scale Pioneer II-D at Richland Washington.

Tailless for RC-HLG
Thoughts on tailless for RC-HLG.

Tailless for XC
Thoughts on tailless for cross-country.

DELTA Sections
Reflexed sections for planks and swept wings from DELTA magazine.

Twist.BAS and Sweep.BAS
Computer programs for determining sweep and twist.

Akaflieg Braunschweig's SB-13 Arcus
Developmental history of the German technical school full size swept wing project.

Selig S5010 and S5020
Two airfoils from Michael Selig designed for plank planforms.

Flutter Suppression
Structural causes of flutter and a means of suppressing flutter.

Twist Parameters
Basic information for the Horten, Culver, and "QBE" methodologies.

Performance Potential
A discussion of the performance potential of canard, tailless, and conventional tailed designs.

Four German 'Wings
Descriptions of the Elfe II, Nurflugel, Just in Time, and Ceozwo designs.

Notes on Planks
Planform description, plus comments on reflexed sections, adjustable CG, and use of flaps, plus coordinates for a couple of reflexed airfoils.

Notes on Swept 'Wings
A brief discussion of airfoils, wing twist and stability, construction materials and methods.

Creating gapless control surfaces
Flexible wing skins and hollow core yield true gapless control surfaces. Actuation through torque tube.

Optimum sweep angle
The positive and negative effects of increasing the wing sweep angle.

A basic treatise on the use of winglets. Includes coordinates for five suitable airfoils.

Reflexed airfoil formulae
For those who enjoy designing their own sections.

Tailless and F3B
An examination of the potential of tailless sailplanes in F3B competition.

Wing twist jig
Description of a jig which imparts wing twist while cutting foam cores.

Lessons to be learned from full size tailless aircraft
Notes on the Northrop YB-49, B-2, and models.

Dr. Walter Panknin at the MARCS Symposium
A brief overview of Dr. Panknin's 1989 Flying Rainbows presentation.

Review of Faszination Nurflugel
A review of Hans-Jurgen Unverferth's book.

Ken Bates' 'Wings
An overview of eleven designs from the mind of Ken Bates.

A rather unique airfoil for conventional tailed aircraft.

Miscellaneous topics
New aerodynamic data for the Eppler 230, new airfoils for tailless aircraft, the Icarosaur by Gene Dees, a tailless bibliography, and "Project Penumbra."

The EH series of airfoils
Coordinate tables and aerodynamic data for the EH 1.0/9.0, 1.5/9.0, and 2.0/10.0.

"Project Penumbra" update
Initial history of "Project Penumbra," including Penumbra.1 and Penumbra.2.

Another airfoil for conventional tailed planforms, based on bird wing sections.

Flaps and airbrakes for various tailless designs
Flap and airbrake configurations for both planks and swept wings.

Suggestions for first 'wings - Part 1
The Model Builder Raven.

Suggestions for first 'wings - Part 2
Dave Jones' Blackbird 2M.

Lobo - New (flying wing) kit in town
Steve Steidl's slope 'wing.

Inhibiting flutter
A primer on light strong structures which work to reduce flutter.

Bill Kubiak "on canards"
Basic canard design considerations.

"Schwanzlose Flugzuge" review
A review of Nickel and Wohlfahrt's "tailless bible."

Alan Halleck's Razer1 and Dr. Panknin's twist formulae
An extremely fast tailless slope racer, and BASIC code for Dr. Panknin's twist formulae.

"Tailless Bibliography" review
An overview of Serge Krauss' unique database.

Unidirectional 'glass and micro servo gears
Unidirectional S-glass from Aerospace composites and the JR 305 micro servo gear train.

How "planks" fly
Pitching moment, airfoil reflex, and CG location simply explained.

How swept wings fly
The swept wing concept with a focus on pitch stability.

The fourth version in the "Project Penumbra" series takes to the air!

Mark Vepraskas' Nanosaur
Mark's description of his large swept wing sailplane.

Willie Bosco's Red Tail
A very bird-like tailless sloper.

Martin Simons' PN9f
Martin's rendition of a German high aspect ratio plank.

A multidisciplinary approach to design
An integrated aircraft design process including constraints, design approach, structure, aerodynamics, and control aspects.

Some notes on the construction of a Storch IV
A scale project brings up some interesting points regarding rudder differential, hinging, elevon mixing, and a few additional points.

Aileron differential - some possible effects on performance
Reducing aileron differential can improve the performance of both swept 'wings and planks.

Jerry Blumenthal's Rattler and a small "in-the-wing" mixer
Three -view of a "concept" 'craft and a small mechanical mixer which can be used within a thin wing.

Achieving maximum differential
Using offset pivot points on a servo wheel to achieve differential with a rigid control system, and an improved method of rudder actuation for the Storch IV (#46).

Flettner flap
Overcoming reflexed airfoil control surface downforce by means of a rigid tab.

New EH sections
Aerodynamic information and coordinate tables for the EH 2.0/12.0 and EH 3.0/12.0.

Dieter Paff's PN11
An unorthodox (oblique) 'wing for the slope.

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